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"It took me four years to learn to draw like Rubens and the rest of my life to learn to draw

like a child again."Picasso                                                                                                         

Some Past Classes:

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Drawing Life at Home

3-day Weekend Art Retreat with Concord Art (
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, January 28th—30th, 2022.    10 am—1 pm EST

In this live ZOOM class, we’ll jumpstart the new year by drawing life at home—our rooms, what we eat, our books, art supplies, clothes. All the things that tell the story of our lives in this moment. We’ll draw in fresh, experimental ways with crayons, colored pencils, brush and paint. Our goal is to find our own creative groove and build a vital art practice. 


BOOKFUL of Inspiration

4-Week Class with Bari Zaki of Bari Zaki Studio (Chicago):
Saturdays, October 30th, November 6th, 13th + 20th, 2021         11 am—1 pm EST

In this live ZOOM workshop, we'll make and fill an accordion book with abstract patterns and drawn icons to illuminate words of inspiration of our own choosing. Bari will lead us in the first week in making a beautiful, handmade accordion book. In the next 3 weeks, I'll lead us in creating patterned images both bold and subtle to fill our books. Our workshops are fun and relaxing. All levels are welcome.


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Drawing with Plants 

Concord Art Weekend Workshop (Concord, MA):
March 19th—21st, 2021 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) 10 am—2:30 pm

In this live ZOOM workshop, we'll usher in Spring by drawing plants from observation, memory and imagination. We'll use different materials to find our way into free exploration and discovery. This is an opportunity to draw in new ways and also discover the meditative benefits and creative ideas that come from

a drawing practice. The class is limited to 12 so we'll have plenty of opportunity to chat and share our work. 

Sign up HERE.

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