Thank you, Leonard!

Right from the beginning, Leonard Cohen has been a muse in our drawing club. When we hear him, the veins of feeling open. I've been following him since I was a teenager in Montreal when he was a poet and not yet a performer. We used to see him sometimes on the street and try to follow him into a bar he favored on Mountain Street but we always got blocked at the door as we were still too young to get in.

Last night we got to see him play to a packed house at the Wang Center in Boston and I feel so lucky to have to beee there. The music was brilliant—every musician absolutely first rate and the sound so beautifully balanced that even up in the rafters we could hear every instrument and every word. e

He’s 74 now and I don’t expect he’ll tour much longer even though he’s off next to Europe. I hope he’ll do more writing when he gets back home. He inspires me to be fully present, to see what’s there in the world and in my own heart. There’s a beautiful sense of detachment in his presence now and at the same time he brings us to such deep feelings.

At the end he introduced and thanked even the truck drivers who schlepp the equipment from gig to gig. Then he asked us to be as kind as we can. Amen and thank you, Leonard.

The London concert from last year is now available on DVD. Get it!

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