Last night my husband, Allan Hunter, and I had a dual book launch at The Arsenal Center for the Arts in Watertown, MA—and it was fantastic fun! We each spoke for 20 minutes as part of the Text and ConText series—Allan on his book, Write Your Memoir, and I on my career as an illustrator/artist and then to introduce my book, The Confident Creative.

Allan spoke about his book, Write Your Memoir, and how writing about our lives in an honest, reflective way can bring us to a place of wholeness in which we grow our souls.

When I got up to speak, I realized I’d forgotten to bring my notes! And there were 100 people in front of me! There was nothing to do but wing it it and that was easy enough with the visual cues of the art images. Perhaps it’s even better to just speak from the heart as you go! I tried to say, however clumsily, that we’re all creative, all creating our own lives. I talked about how art has value in all its forms—it’s not just art in museums that matters. By making art we each discover our own creative selves and come to live fully from the core of who we are.

Thanks to everyone who came! It was a truly amazing night for us and a good send-off for two books as they begin their journeys into the world. Stay tuned!

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