London News!

Today, the Sunday Express in London has extracted an article from The Confident Creative book. It’s called “Talking Pictures” and appears in S Magazine which accompanies the Sunday paper. I’m heading into Harvard Square this afternoon to see if the British papers have arrived at Out-of-Town News, the old international newsstand right across from Harvard yard.

In June, Yoga Magazine/UK has an article by Martin Gill, one of the journalists who attended the London drawing class in March and did such bold, dynamic work. It’s accompanied by a short piece by me: Meeting Your Creative Self Through Drawing with 10 tips for beginning a drawing practice. The June issue is the launch of the redesign of Yoga Magazine/UK, so it’s particularly exciting to be a part of it.

Liz Alvis of Natural Heath Magazine/UK has also written an article to be published in the June issue about her experience in the London drawing class. Liz is a very bright, thoughtful person and I truly look forward to reading her article. She was also kind enough to ask me to dream up some drawing exercises for their readers and to write a short piece: How to bring More Creativity into Your Life! I feel very honored to be a part of this fine publication.

More things in the works! Meanwhile, wishing you a happy spring day!

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