Artist in Residence

Hi there! I'm off this morning to be artist in residence at Bay Path College in the beautiful countryside of western Massachusetts. The little car is jammed with art supplies—most for the young women I'll be working with and some for myself. I'm going to begin a new project there. I've been working so hard for the last six months on my next book, Making Art a Practice, that I haven't had much chance to make art. I'll have a studio to work in so very excited. And the doors will be open so the students can come in and explore with me too.

A big thanks to Briana Sitler, the wizard of extra events at Bay Path. And to the wonderful writer, Suzanne Strempek Shea, who helped put this together. So looking forward to seeing them both and doing some great art explorations with the students at Bay Path. With luck, technology will co-operate and I can post more when I get there.

Have a wonderful week and may your creative explorations be bold and true to you!

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