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Hello! Summer is winding down and I’m back in the studio making things again. Books take a lot of time and energy. My new one, Making Art a Practice, is out but the work isn’t over. I’m writing essays and doing radio interviews. And I’m back to making art!

A couple of years ago, I interviewed Andy Cao, a wonderful artist who does fantastic installations and public art projects. At the time he was a Loeb Fellow at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. One of the things he said was that creative people ought to simply make more things rather than think or study too much. Check out his site—caoperrotstudio. Amazing work!

In my studio, I’ve been working on a much smaller scale making 3-D heads. They started with a project I did with my class last spring. So much spirit came through the heads we made. As I make them it’s easy to see how individual each of us is. Sometimes I get inspired by a person in a crowd. I plan to do some bigger figures as well but, for now, I’m enjoying the intimacy of these. In the making, lots of other ideas are coming too. That must be what Andy was on about. Or, as Picasso said—inspiration finds us at work.

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