Yoga, The Art of Transformation

I’ve been a student of yoga for about 15 years. Though I’m still a beginner, I’ve learned so much about how to live gracefully through the practice of yoga’s many precepts—the physical postures, connecting with the observer mind, choosing positive thoughts and attitudes, meditation, silence, relaxation. Some years ago, when I was first studying yoga and the teacher was explaining the concept of one-pointed focus, I realized I’d been practicing that for years at the drawing board. All those hours every day in the studio when I sat drawing and making illustrations and art, I focused on my hand on the paper and forgot everything else. Art is yoga too.

So what a thrill to encounter this book, the catalogue to the current show at The Smithsonian in Washington that is moving to San Francisco and Cleveland later. It’s beautifully produced with amazing images I’d never seen before, most from India. The essays are scholarly but eminently readable and discuss the path of yoga, its history and entry into contemporary culture worldwide. Wow, I’m going to be spending a lot of time with this. Just a pleasure to look and read. So much inspiration.

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