In the last few years I’ve been taking snapshots. I’ve taken something like 1,500 in the last six months. I take these shots spontaneously without forethought when something “catches” my eye. Often I take several shots until I see what I’m looking at with greater clarity. Taking photos helps me see more of the wonders all around. I can be a bit oblivious without a camera. I don’t use these photographs to make paintings; I’m not that kind of artist yet they seem to capture moods I seldom go to in my art or writing. The habit started when I got a small digital camera and has now become more and more a part of my creative process. Snapshots have stories to tell; they give me ideas. I have fun taking them and, for me, pleasure is a key part of the creative process. Here are a few just as they have come out of the camera, unedited.

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