Drawing Club Summer Hiatus Begins

This morning was the last meeting for The Saturday Morning Drawing Club until September. When we make art together we share so much. The summer farewell is always tinged with a little sadness as farewells are. We’ll all do our own thing over the next few months and when we get together again in September, it’ll be great to see both the art and each other.

This session we’ve focused mostly on drawing people. We’re always trying to get out of our habitual patterns to encounter something new and wake up a bit, in one way or another. Usually I set things up so we have a couple of rules to follow. One might be that we make a portrait using a funky thick brush and almost dry paint. Something we might think we can’t do. Or we might use charcoal and draw with our fingers. Or paint on plexiglass then press our paper on it to make a mottled impression. The rules usually make it impossible to fuss and get into that rut where all that comes through is our uptight desire to get things right. The rules tend to lead to drawings where we’re simply ourselves.

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