Studio Wall 2

The corner of my studio wall is now filled with small Tantra homage paintings. Tantra, a tradition of both Hinduism and Buddhism, is a centuries old way or practice of connecting with the divine. Most of the visual practice is figurative though there is also a more contemporary school of abstraction practiced by devotees which I discovered, as mentioned in the previous post, in a wonderful book called Tantra Song. I don’t have the deep Hindu references of the artists in the book but am a long time student of yoga and I wanted to simply sit down and make paintings as meditation. I tried to keep my focus on the Yin/Yang qualities I see in the original works—expansion and contraction, dark and light, old and new, balance and imbalance etc. The original artists created true harmony and sense of mystery. Their work certainly takes us to a higher place.

For me other abstraction references also crept in—Sonia Delaunay sometimes, or Ellsworth Kelly, both old friends. I didn’t plan, just sat down and began. I found it to be a beautiful morning meditation of immersion into simply sitting, getting inspiration, taking action, and seeing. And, yes, connecting with a deep peace. It was a wonderful month long practice and I hope to do it more, perhaps in different ways.

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