Chicago Workshop 2017

Very excited to be going to Chicago to be doing a full weekend workshop Saturday, October 21st and Sunday, October 22nd, 2017 at Bari Zaki Studio!

First, I love Chicago and haven’t been there for years! Second, I met Bari Zaki for the first time this spring and she is a wondrous, upbeat, creative being who is a master bookmaker, shopkeeper of pure magic, and a beautiful artist. I’m so happy for the opportunity to work alongside her. And I love nurturing others on their creative journeys.

We’re offering three separate classes. The first is Drawing with Line: Freeing the Hand. Learning to draw with a sense of freedom and joe de vivre is transformative. Drawing isn’t just about what happens on paper but what happens inside us too. We can draw like children again—without self consciousness or the need to get it “right”. We'll discover who we are. The second class is Drawing with Shapes: Simplifying and we'll think in a big picture way. What are the shapes that are the basis for our image making? When we think this way we begin to abstract our vision and connect with what is essential in what we’re saying. It takes out the clutter, creates clarity and is beautifully expressive.

On Sunday morning, we’ll move into Painted Paper Collage: Getting Bold. We all have boldness in us—it’s our essential nature though often, on the way to adulthood, it gets a little lost in life’s mishmash. Inside, we often think there’s more, and there is. Working with bold colors, drawing without hesitation with scissors, learning to up the contrast, we will make bold and vibrant images, both abstract and representational. We’ll surprise ourselves.

On Sunday afternoon, there will be a free session for anyone who has participated in any of the other classes. We'll discuss where and who we are as artists and how to keep our energy high for the journey ahead.

If you’re in the Chicago area, please join us!

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