Drawing Large

The Saturday art class finished out the fall 2019 session by spending the morning in the large rehearsal hall at The Mosesian Center for the Arts in Watertown, just outside Boston. It's fantastic to draw in such a large room, space gives us spacious ideas as if there are no limits. I think most limits are those we impose on ourselves, the way we adhere to conventions or expectations and our persistent concerns for how we appear in the world. We're working to leave all that behind. I think the purpose of the practice of art is to see what is possible.

In this class we taped a piece of paper about 40 feet long down the length of one wall. Then we each took a printed image of a separate Van Gogh landscape drawing. Van Gogh drew with such confidence and arresting vigor so he's a great artist to study. We each scaled up the image in our printouts and drew on our section of the paper. Everyone made a beautiful drawing, no matter our skill level or prior experience. It's always interesting how we can each step up to meet a challenge. And in each of the drawings we could see the hand of the individual artist.

Next, we each moved a couple of positions along from our own work and began to fill in the gaps between all the drawings and extend them into any white space. We used our imaginations which were now saturated with Van Gogh's fluid lines.

The result was amazing. Our individual hands were lost in what we created together or as they say—the whole bigger than the parts. It was beyond any one of us and so beautiful!

You can see it even better in the video.

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