Drawing Meditation #1

Hi, Everyone!

Here's a drawing exercise I do at the beginning of the classes I teach.

What you need:

Box of Crayola crayons

Sketchbook 9"x12" approx.

What to do:

1. Choose 3 or 4 colors. Any colors will do.

2. Put on some relaxing music.

3. Start making lines and squiggles, shapes, anything you like.

4. Don't think, just allow your hand to go where it wants to.

There's no good or bad and we aren't trying to get anywhere.

Notice any tendency to try to make things "good". Let it go.

5. After 30 seconds or so change colors and carry on. Let things happen.

6. Change colors a couple of times.

7. Stop when you feel like it.

8. Repeat 2 or 3 times.

This is an exercise in just being here in the moment and letting go of control or any need to make things "right". (Not always easy.) Just notice what emerges. We'll see the nature of our own hand and probably some joy because we're free and uninhibited! The more we do, the more we feel free in ourselves and the more we bring this free spirit into all the art we make even when it looks very different.

Do 3 of these every day for a month month and see how things change. Enjoy.

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