Painted Paper Collage

Painting papers and making collage is a beautiful meditative practice. To paint papers, I use Pelikan brand opaque watercolors. Brush colors onto regular drawing paper with a slight tooth (like Dick Blick white sulfite drawing paper 80 lb.), using a coarse 1" flat acrylic brush, first horizontally then vertically until you have a rich flat surface. Add more pigment if you need to. If your color is streaky, you likely have too much water on your brush. Try with less. Let your colors dry for a half hour or so then cut them out.

Often, when I do this with my classes, they find it so peaceful and mesmerizing that they don't want to stop! I feel the same. It's a very salutary practice, excellent for creating good spirits as we forget our daily concerns and those of the world. We elude our complicated feeling state as well. As yoga teaches, through such one-pointed focus we can reconnect with the peace and strength within, our natural state.

You'll need some card stock or bristol to use for the base of your collage. You can use glue sticks or, for a more permanent fix, brush on acrylic matte medium gel. When I finish a collage, I leave it under a stack of heavy art books overnight to flatten.

Your collages can be abstract or perhaps you want to allow images of spring to enter. It has arrived to cheer us on!. Stay well and enjoy this peaceful practice.

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