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In my abstract painted-paper collages, I immerse myself in the moment and

let intuition take over. In the representational pieces, I use painted papers to bring

the life around me into more vivid focus.

"Overview" 2022 

[opaque watercolor on archival paper 12"x18"]

"At Home" 2020—2023 These collages emerged from our pandemic confinement and a new appreciation for the simple pleasures of home life accompanied by dreams of escape.

[opaque watercolor on archival paper]

"Hanging Together" 2019. These collages are studies in how odd shapes and colors come together to create harmony. As I made these, day after day, without reference to what went before, I soon saw that they hang together. [opaque watercolor on archival paper, 12"x18"]

"In the Garden" 2018.  

[opaque watercolor on archival paper, 12"x18"]

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