"Hanging Together" 2018 These collages are loosely based on a grid form. I did these one summer as a meditation when I came into my studio each morning. I soon saw a sense of harmony emerging with color, form and organic edges. Despite the grid, there is nothing rigid about them. They reflect my sense that the incredible matrix that underlies all life is meant to support infinite diversity. As I made these day after day without reference to what went before, I soon saw that they hang together.

[opaque watercolor on archival paper, 12"x18"]

"Table Scraps" 2019 These are some samples of collages I made from cut scraps of painted paper paper that were littered on my drawing table from prior collage making. Without thought I selected several random pieces and put them together. It made me think that as human beings we can trust that things come together in harmonious, even exciting, ways if we allow chance in. I made these collages as a kind of meditation to start my day in the studio. There is no planning and they simply emerge from what is there already and from my hand.  

[opaque watercolor on archival paper, 12"x18"]

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