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The Life in Plants (2020—

In drawing plants, I am influenced by the Japanese tradition of expressing gratitude to nature. One part of this tradition is drawing. I try to stay in that mindset of gratitude and wonder when I draw plants. The purpose is simply to awaken an appreciation in me and in my students when we use plants as our subject. No matter the technique we use, it's a happy exercise. 

Tulips 2020—

Some of these are blind contour drawings in which I was looking at my subject and not at my paper. I drew these under hot lights and the tulips faded as time went on. In some of the drawings, I looked with care at the plant and at the paper to capture color and form, and the spirit of the flower too. Marker pen 

and watercolor. Approx. 9"x12"

More Flowers 2020—

Watercolor, crayons, colored pencils, marker pens. Approx. 9"x12"

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